Who is Jesus?

Jesus is the reason that brings us together as a church community. We would love to join you on the journey of considering Jesus' claims and impacts Jesus would have on your life.

The Heart of It


Jesus is God and perfectly lived in this broken and rebellious world. Jesus has provided the way for people to be restored to God forever through His work on the cross. Jesus invites all to trust in His work, and follow Him as Lord of their lives. Jesus promised that He would be with His people by His Spirit and ultimately return to restore all things forever.

More Specifically...


Jesus - On account of his great love, God acted decisively to renew his damaged creation and to redeem humanity. God began this work in the nation of Israel and completed it in his one and only Son. This one and only Son of God, who participates from all eternity in the fullness of God, took human flesh in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is one person, both fully God and fully human. By Jesus’ life of perfect obedience and perfect love, God inaugurated his kingdom. By Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross, God reconciled all things to himself: Jesus willingly bore our sin, and died our death, suffering the wrath of God for us in our place. By Jesus’ powerful bodily resurrection, God defeated death and began the work of renewing the entire creation. By Jesus’ ascension, God enthroned his Son as Lord of all things. Jesus now sits at God’s right hand, ruling over all things and waiting for his enemies to be made his footstool.